Where Life Is Flourishing


We exist to engage the entire community with things that really matter; Love for God, Love for life, Love for freedom, Love for happiness, and taking responsibility to secure this gift for others.

To be a united flourishing social and economic community experiencing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To be a constant force infusing hope, vitality, happiness, and joy necessary for human well-being in our communities.

Together we can become a city of hope.



THRIVE was fantastic this year. We respected our veterans by creating this event for them and the community. We had organizations participating from all over the county, food vendors, a wonderful kids zone, and live music from amazing talent.

Next year we are ramping up and committed to continued our success with new additions and ideas to improve the overall experience.

You could really feel the embrace and protection of our heavenly Father. We are being called on to do this again next year 2023.

Our Mission

Restoration Coalition Pac: RONPAC

  • To identify and support electoral candidates for the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and other local offices who will abide by their oaths of office and perform their duties in a manner that is accountable and transparent;

  • To propose and support local ballot initiatives to ensure more local control of our community and the protection of the Constitutional Rights of all citizens in Nevada County;

  • To, when necessary, hold local elected officials accountable for violations of their office through the power of the Recall Petition and Referendum Process.


We engage in our rights to assemble face to face with like-minded folks who desire to retain and build a bright future for our families, schools and businesses


We educate and stimulate cross-cutting ideas that are affecting our community. We seek sound solid rational solutions regarding current local issues that will allow life to flourish. A life that goes beyond our personal differences, policies, and public opinion.


We execute with cross-cutting ideas over things that truly bind us together. We create a place where our children can go to school and play without restrictions; where dreams of a business and career are possible; where proven, inexpensive, effective medical treatments are available to all and a place where we are free to worship in the manner we choose.

We the people of the United States of America and California live under the blessing of the Constitution.

Stay informed and get involved

We welcome individuals, parents, teachers, students, religious leaders, artists, community leaders, professionals, business owners, non-profits, officials.

Choose your passion, get involved, get educated, get engaged, and make a difference in our Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



Dear Heavenly Father
As this Easter season approaches (Ressurection Sunday / Firstfruits)
We thank You for the sacrifices You have made for us that we may have abundance of life.
We pray for a new season of blessings over Ken Paige & each of the Wednesday Warriors. 
We request for your favor, Lord, over each group, for discernment, wisdom and triumph.
We pray for our County, our Nation, and the whole world to be renewed, that we would reflect Your Heavenly Kingdom,
here on earth, with Your values, Your morals, and Your laws.
We bind all of the Senate Bills and their immoral legislation, that they will all fail, and will not be passed.
We loose Your Justice onto this earth, and call for an awakening for all the Nations, to come to the knowledge of Your Glory.
May we walk as children of Your Light with Love + Hope + Truth + Freedom + Forgiveness.
We give you Praise + Honor + Glory
In the Mighty name of Jesus + Amen = = = > < >


Flyer for Jericho March, also on Event Calendar


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Who is ruling our lives

Our freedoms come at a cost. If we sleep at the wheel our freedoms will erode. Our coalition is raising up leaders to be a watchdog and alert our community when freedoms are at risk.

We are committed to keeping ears on the ground and hearts towards heaven. We believe like-minded informed folks, who meet regularly can respond quickly to any issues at hand. We live the reality of one question we all must ask ourselves; who is ruling your life in any crisis? Is it an oppressor desiring to eliminate your freedoms? Is it the Government, is it big pharma, is it big business or are we the united people “one nation under God”? Who is creating the narrative for our lives? 

Isiah 42:22 But this is a robbed and plundered people. All of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prisons. They have become prey, and no one delivers; and no one says, ‘Restore them!

We are not God but we will make sure that we will always be a force in the battle and most of all in the restoration.

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We meet regularly at Friar Tuck’s Restaurant on Wednesday’s from 1-3 p.m.

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